Work-ordered day

Work-ordered day

Work-ordered day at Suvimäki parallels typical working hours – Monday thru Friday 8.30 to 16.00. Work-ordered day offers a chance to meaningful activity to members, building an own daily and weekly routine and a chance to form social relationships.

There are three units in Suvimäen Klubitalo: Employment and education unit, Kitchen unit and Communications unit. Members can choose daily in which unit they want to work in. Members can change the unit during the day. Members can participate to all work projects depending on their strengths and interests. Important at Suvimäki is that all work is needed to uphold and develop the Clubhouse community. Work at the Clubhouse is often done by pairs or groups and the adviser is a member or a staff member who already manages the particular work. Enabling success experiences and strengthening one’s confidence is essential.

Work-ordered day at Clubhouse follows the structure of normal work. Work is accompanied by regular coffee breaks and a lunch break. Morning- and afternoon meetings are held in every unit where, in addition to exchanging the news, the daily tasks are given to the ones who are present. In addition to work-ordered day Clubhouse’s own meetings are held weekly.

Social Program

Free time activity is arranged regularly once a week in evenings and two times a month in weekends. Free time activity is arranged also on holiday times because Clubhouse is open five days a week around the year.

Clubhouse’s social program is important part of our community. The program is versatile and it is planned together.

Check the current social program schedule from the membership bulletin.

Happenings in Klubari

At our house there has been operating a program called Klubari which is activity planned by us young adults. Klubari’s objective is to give young mental health rehabilitators a chance to meet other same aged young adults, get peer support and to participate Clubhouse’s work ordered day. Young adults also have own social program. Adolescents’ action started in 2010 with inspiration given by own former staff member Sanni’s thesis. Klubari met weekly at the house and arranged own evening meetings once in a month before Culture workshop Trombi was launched.

Trombi has provided so much activity to young adults that separate Klubari hasn’t been held. We are still hoping that adolescents could meet from time to time in free time. A great chance to do this is every month’s last Saturday when Trombi arranges a jam party at the House on 16-19 PM. Everyone is welcome to go there. We also arranged a trampoline festivity at JP Action Center and a bowling- and billiards night at Hollywood Bowling this fall. Tell your wish at the house and we arrange more of these nights.

Check also the new Trombi project targeted for young adults, from our website!

Supporting employment and education

Transitional employment:

  • Helps to assess own level of work capacity
  • Paid work outside the Clubhouse, supported by the Clubhouse
  • Part-time and fixed period work that doesn’t require education

Supported employment:

  • Part-time or full time job which parallels member’s education, aims to a long-term employment.
  • Members are supported for example in job hunt or in coping the work-load

Supported education:

  • The Clubhouse assists members to access and sustain educational opportunities in the community
  • The Clubhouse also provides an in-house education program, in small groups, for example in:
  • IT
  • Foodstuff hygiene
  • Languages
  • Job application readiness
  • Study application readiness

Kitchen unit

We prepare a tasty and healthy home food lunch every day to members who are in the Clubhouse.

We plan the lunch menus in the Kitchen unit for four weeks ahead. You don’t need to know how to cook or be a cook in order to participate in the Kitchen unit, everyone is welcome to work with his/her own strength and interest.

We also keep the Clubhouse’s own café open during the breaks and prepare sandwiches and quark meals to be sold in there. Calculating cash register and writing down the daily sales are also café’s tasks.

In addition, the Kitchen unit’s other responsibilities are planning different coffee events, acquiring food- and cleaning supplies, cleaning the dining room and café and doing the laundry.

The Employment and education unit

The Employment and education unit is responsible of Clubhouse’s employment- and education program. The unit seeks for information related in employment and education and shares it to clubhouse members in different trainings, briefings, groups, Suvimäen Sanomat magazine and for example in our social media channels.

The unit arranges groups and trainings related to employment and education matters, languages and for example math.

Transitional employment program, supported employment and supported education are coordinated by the employment and education unit. Members receive individual support in their employment and education matters in all units, based on goal planning discussions.

Communications unit

The unit’s main task is to communicate with members, board of KUTU, other Clubhouses and local cooperation partners. The communication is practiced by the means of for example with the help of member newspaper “Suvimäen Sanomat”, web pages, adverts, notifications and weekly bulletins. These tasks are a big part of communication unit’s work-oriented day.

Communications unit handles also the house’s administrative tasks like invoicing, paying bills, accounting and keeping record of visitor statistics.

Additionally with these tasks the unit handles also a lot of other office-like tasks, do different projects and sustain unit’s work space.