Clubhouse is a community formed by mental health rehabilitators and hired staff. It offers target-oriented activities and peer support. It helps to encounter challenges of day-to-day life and to lessen feelings of loneliness. Clubhouse also supports its members in education and employment. Suvimäen Klubitalo was founded on 9th August 1999.

Clubhouse is a place

·        a member can always come to

·        he/she has a right to both meaningful work and relationships

·        where he/she can always return to


Clubhouse offers possibilities to various relationships and interaction. Peer support between members has an important rehabilitating meaning.

Participation to Clubhouse’s work-ordered day gives a possibility to meaningful work, feelings of success and strengthening of confidence. In Clubhouse you can rehearse old, learn new and also share know-how to others. Members work simultaneously both because of their own recovery and because of the needs of Clubhouse community. Fundamental in participation is that it is always voluntary to members and that everyone is working within their own strength.

Clubhouse supports their members also in education and employment. The goal in the whole international Clubhouse movement is that the mental health rehabilitators can express themselves with their talents and they are respected as colleagues, neighbours and friends. Suvimäen Klubitalo has over 400 members. It is a part of entity of mental health services in Jyväskylä’s nearby municipalities. Operation is provided by “Psykiatrisen kuntoutuksen tuki ry – Support of psychiatric rehabilitation.”

Clubhouses are guided by international standards which international Clubhouse community has agreed by accepting consensus principles. Clubhouses can participate on developing the standards. To these standards is based also the certification of Clubhouses’ actions which occurs with help of international accreditation.