JOSKO–project 1.2.2015–31.1.2017

JOSKO–project was a part of the Välikäsi-project unity which was coordinated by Keski-Suomen Yhteisöjen Tuki ry. Funders of JOSKO-project were ESR, Keski-Suomen ELY-keskus (ELY centre Central Finland) and municipalities of the area.

The goal of JOSKO-project was to create and explore flexible models to apprenticeship training in order to enable educational and employment opportunities to mental health rehabilitants and other partially disabled by flexibly combining apprenticeship training as part of other educational opportunities. Purpose was to bring mental health rehabilitants for track of excessive lifetime learning and studying.

As a result of JOSKO, 48 coaching paths for individuals were created. Almost 300 JOSKO-discussions were held, and 66 different people participated in the project.

New tools were created during the project – for example JOSKO-team, which was a tool to promote an individual coaching path with the help of peer support.

Portti – supported employment project in the Clubhouse 2009-2013

Portti – project was implemented in Suvimäen Klubitalo in 2009-2013. Projects objective was to promote mental health rehabitators’ employment opportunities. Work coach supported the members in the project both individually and by the means of a guided peer support group. Additionally the project offered information to the members about employment matters, improved their employment possibilities by the means of tailored additional education and developed their work life skills. Taking care of work well-being and maintaining the working ability were also a part of the project. Additionally a four-step work preparation model was developed by the project for the use of Clubhouse. The project produced a supported employment model and a supported employment manual for the Clubhouse.

Mielikki-project 2012

In Mielikki-project healthy cooking and different exercises were taught during one year. The project was implemented in cooperation with Huoltoliitto (registered union). The project started in Laajavuori spa hotel with preliminary tests. At the beginning cooking and exercising were held once a week and as the project proceeded the meetings were held once in every two weeks. Exercise physics student Tuomas was hired to lead the exercise groups and nutritional part belonged to upcoming nutritional therapeutist Petra. At the end of the project the final tests were carried out in Laajavuori spa during a weekend and although objective was more to explore healthy diet and joy of exercising, quantitative results were also found. Almost each of the 30 members who participated to the project had at least reached a better balance.

Mieli mukana – studying project 2006-2008

Project’s objective was improving the mental health rehabilitants’ studying conditions and raising the education level by studying in their own region. This happened by building a well-functioning and active cooperation with the area’s educational institutions. Cooperation with the education institutions was active, both in personal level (for example when planning the studies) and in expert- and education info-level. Additionally the Clubhouse’s own education program was strengthened as a part of the work ordered day.