Diagnosis Free Zone in english

Diagnosis Free Zone in english

SUOMEKSIDiagnosis Free Zone is a campaign against stigmatization, with the purpose of giving mental illness a face and reducing prejudices, discrimination and stigmatization associated with mental illness.Our dream is that despite mental health issues everybody could realize their potential according to their skills and be appreciated as equals participating in society.

Everybody can take part in Diagnosis Free Zone campaign using social media with their own face and diagnosis, in an effort that the person instead of the diagnosis is seen.

Facebook: facebook.com/diagnosisfreezone
Instagram: instagram.com/diagnosis_free_zone @diagnosis_free_zone  #‎diagnosisfreezone‬
Campaign sites: phklubitalot.fi/diagnosis-free-zone-in-english









Campaign poster IN ENGLISH
Kampanj affisch PÅ SVENSKA
Kampanjaohjeet SUOMEKSI

Campaign logo HERE

Campaign video you can find HERE

Campaign story and  video made by Finnish national tv/radio company’s (YLE)  HERE